Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3rd Reflection: 2nd Group Meeting on 9 September 2010

Prior to the 2nd meeting, I tried to look for available resources such as books but given the short period of time, I was unable to find any. So I decide to make use of the technology i.e. the powerful tool of internet to search for initiatives between 2000 and 2002. Not sure whether I am on the right track, I managed to find information on Compulsory Education for 2000, Innovations for 2001 and School Systems for 2002. I was excited and looking forward to the 2nd meeting as I was waiting for my ‘missing pieces’ of the puzzle.
During our meeting, we used the CL learning i.e. the roundtable (round robin) strategy to facilitate us in our sharings. Each of us managed to share our findings and there was a lot of information on initiatives being shared among us. A bit of information overload though we tried to focus on the main ones according to the era of our initiatives that we were in charge of. J Nevertheless, we managed to filter out 6 main educational initiatives from the rest to focus on for our assignment. They are

  1. TSLN à Jihan
  2. ICT Masterplans à Swarna
  3. TLLM à Jihan
  4. The PETALS Framework à Jeanette
  5. Review of the Primary Mathematics Syllabus à Wan Lee
  6. PERI Recommendations à Vincent
We decided to use the CL structure of ‘Jigsaw’ again to work on the main initiatives based on these guided questions:
  1. What is the initiative?
  2. What are the rationales or objectives of the initiative?
  3. How has it impacted the Math curriculum with regards to the teaching and learning of Math?
We also decided to include videos, pictures and powerpoint slides in our e-learning package.

With these in mind, we ended our meeting and went back home to zzz…
I learnt that through this collaborative experience, we were engaged in an interactive manner when we share our information. In this way, we will gain more in terms of retaining the relevant information. We feel more comfortable in having face-to-face meetings although we can make use of technology i.e. online chat to discuss.
As such, it also has enhanced our interpersonal relationship among group members.

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